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Established in 2000

Global Organisation

15 Members

SiCMa stands for „Silicon Carbide Manufacturers association“ 

The mandate of SiCMa is:
  1. To promote all initiative aimed at improving health, safety and environment preservation in the activities of production and processing of silicon carbide and for this purpose:

    • Full Members” which is open for SiC manufacturers; To promote and/or to take part in studies, research actions, conferences and in general any activity running these;

    • To support, encourage and promote any research programmes aimed at improving the level of scientific knowledge relating to health, safety and environment with respect to silicon carbide production and finishing processes, silicon carbide properties and their effects;

    • To make available all information (more particularly to manufacturers and users) concerning health, safety and environmental concerns in the field of silicon carbide production, processing and use, to organise symposiums and seminars in these field and publish scientific surveys and studies.

  2. To frame, formulate and promote standards, normative rules and labels in the field of silicon carbide, and to support partners in the value chain related to health, safety and environment topics. This includes, among others, the exchange of all types of public available information, but in no event any practice that is or may be inconsistent with the applicable laws or the internal codes (e.g. on ethics) of the Members.

  3. To keep contact with competent authorities to enable science and fact-based discussions on existing and future health, safety and environmental topics

The mandate and the concept of SiCMa is explained here.

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